Maybe* helps organisations use social media to deliver results.

The patent-pending Maybe* platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help organisations listen and engage with their customers through social media, benchmark their results, and optimise the ROI of their activity.

Social media is the way to connect with your customers.

In just 14 years social media has transformed the way people communicate.

Globally, there are 3 billion social media users. 71% of all internet users have a social media account, and the average active user spends 100 minutes on social media a day. This has changed the dynamics of doing business.

The Maybe* platform helps organisations use social media to connect with their customers which improves their ability to deliver results.

Through the Maybe* platform, any organisation can achieve better results:  

  • Benchmark all of your social media activity
  • Listen to conversations across all social media channels
  • See all the activities that have the most impact
  • Identify which social media content performs best
  • Understand what’s being said on social media
  • Know how people feel on social media  
  • Discover who is influential on social media
  • Connect and engage through chatbots
  • Measure your ROI
  • Involve your entire team with unlimited seats

We're an award-winning team of technology, marketing and retail specialists.

To date we have integrated over 150,000 businesses into the platform, benchmarked their digital influence and linked it to their physical business location.

The Maybe* platform has delivered the Ministerial endorsed #WDYT campaign which has accelerated the digital evolution of 30 towns and 2000 + businesses and is now available to all UK Towns and Cities.

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