Maybe* helps organisations make social media "work".

The Maybe* platform uses AI to provide actionable insights and easy to use tools that enable organisations to connect with their audience, improve their ROI and to understand how to stay ahead of their competition.

Social media has changed the way we communicate.

In 14 years 3.8 billion people have started to use social media, and on average spend over two hours a day on various social channels. COVID 19 has increased this time by 40%.

This change in communication is and will further impact all organisations in many different ways. The rate of change in consumer behaviour exceeds the speed that most organisations can adapt to understand how it affects them.

Get teams onto the same page. 

The  Maybe* platform provides access to tools that enable all of your team to know:

  • How your customers feel
  • What content engages them
  • What's impacting business results.

Each  Maybe* account comes with unlimited seats so you can add of your team without additional cost. 

The Maybe* platform can be used by any type of organisation

For BIDs

Maybe* helps BIDs stay connected to its levy payers and amplify their social media content so all businesses can better engage people in their local place.

For Crowdfunders

We've teamed up with Crowdfunder to help connect small businesses to free fundraising campaigns enabling them to pre-sell products and services and reach a wider supporter base.

For SME's

Stay connected to customers and communicate with new ones. Collaborate and support other businesses in your local area or industry so you can continue to thrive together.

We're an award-winning team of technology, marketing and retail specialists.

Maybe* is one of the ten companies that form part of the High Street Task Force who will provide data, expertise, knowledge, training and support to those involved in helping to regenerate town and city centres across the country.

The Task Force is led by Manchester University’s Institute of Place Management (IPM) and managed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).


Dianne Savory, OBE DL
Polly Barnfield, OBE
Paul Inman
Emerson Osmond
Nigel Jobson, MRICS
Principal Data Scientist
Carl Banbury
Place Manager
Hannah Dove
Product Manager
Ellie Hoy
Client Manager
Tash James
Creative Manager
Jess Savage
Insight Manager
Amy Rountree
Head of Growth
Sarah Bassett