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12th September 2018

How to design the right product for your audience

When designing a new product, ensuring you are bu...

10th September 2018

Learn how to quickly sell out a new product using this prove...

Designing and launching a new product to sell out success if far from guaranteed for any business....

9th September 2018

The simple guide for launching a new venue

Launching a new bar in an already saturated market can be a challenge. For Cheltenham based...

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Connect your customer journey

Incorporating the latest AI, chatbot, benchmarking, and location-aware technology, the patent-pending Maybe* platform allows any business to connect the online, offline, and social customer journey.

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18th September 2018

Retailers must create a ‘hybrid’ experience to be succes...

The current retail landscape gives customers more paths to purchase than ever before. It’s...

1st September 2018

Why 300,000 people think #MyHighStreetMatters

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee’s...

15th August 2018

How to predict Christmas trends in August

Business of all types prepare for Christmas in spring and summer, but predicting which will...

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