We help businesses get more out of social media.

Social media can be daunting for beginners and unmanageable for experts. We simplify it.

Maybe* is a social media management platform which gives businesses:

  • A way to compare your social media performance with any other business.
  • All the social media tools and insights you need to get more from social media.
  • Access to expert resources and training to help you reach more customers.

Our data

We analyse the social media efforts of 7.9m businesses in the UK and the US. Every day. Discover the maths behind the Maybe Index.

Our clients always know what’s working well for them, and what isn’t. They use what they learn from us to make better business decisions.

We made it simple so that anyone can use it. We made it powerful so that any business can use it to help achieve its objectives.

Who we are

Maybe* is a social media management platform that does all of the things you’d expect; scheduling, listening, post boosting, and audience building. But we also do much more. What makes Maybe* special is that we give businesses data, insight, and training about the impact of their social media efforts.

We analyse more than 80m engagements every day. (including likes, comments, follows etc.).

We save our clients time by showing them what works best from the 590k posts we analyse everyday.

We make our clients money by showing them how to turn ad spend into sales.

Meet the Maybe* team

We’re driven by data but we never forget that every business is made of people, not algorithms. And although we’re a business that geeks out on data, we’re made of human.

Polly Barnfield, OBE
Paul Inman
Emerson Osmond
Nigel Jobson
Head of Growth
Sarah Bassett
Head of Insight
Amy Rountree
Client Manager
Danni Harris
Place Manager
Hannah Dove
Data Scientist
Carl Banbury
Product Manager
Bebe Ross
Product Manager
Tash James
Finance Director
Caroline Monk
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Fiona Beckett

Our research

79% of UK consumers are spending over seven hours a week on social media. Meanwhile, our data shows that only 31% of UK businesses have social media accounts, and only19% are active on social media.

​​We have analysed data for over 3.9m UK businesses, supported by surveys completed by over 2,250 businesses and consumers. Our latest research gives a clear picture of how consumers and businesses are using social media.

Award-winning technology

The Maybe* promise

Our clients can expect Maybe* to help them do things like:

> Understand what works for them on social media, and what doesn’t.

> Find out what’s working for their competitors, and what might work for them, too.

> Save time by focussing only on effective social media strategies.

> Stay up to date with topics that might give their business an edge i.e sustainability.

> Find out about what’s happening online that connects them to customers.

> Improve their social media skills to help achieve their objectives.

> Get more return on their social media spend.

> Learn ways to earn more revenue using social media.

Who we work with

Maybe* helps thousands of businesses ranging from SMEs to PLCs. We also work with the UK Government as part of the High Streets Task Force and a wide range of Local Authorities across the UK to support local businesses increase their digital skills. 

social media training for essex

What our customers are saying

"I have been working with Maybe* for nearly three years and they have helped with our growth in different parts of our journey!"

Sara Da Silva
Owner, Sara Da Silva Sportswear

“Maybe’s webinars are a key fixture of my week. I consistently come away inspired and full of ideas of what to do for Visit Knowle.”

Kim Hulse
Manager, Visit Knowle

"The Maybe* platform has been a real game-changer for our online proposition. We use it to understand who our audience is and what products will be of greatest interest to them."

Sophie Scarrott
Owner, Keith Scarrott Shoes

“The Maybe* platform makes interacting and communicating with audiences much easier, it’s all in one place.”

Exeter BID