Access to the Maybe* platform is based upon the size of your social media following. Sign up for your free trial and we will confirm your price point.

For 30 days, you can access without charge:

  • Conversations around your business: analysis into what you’re saying and what people are saying about your organisation
  • Actions that will improve your results
  • Summaries of what people are saying
  • Reports on how people are feeling
  • Insights into what content people are engaging with
  • Measurement of which people are most influential
  • Benchmarking of your social media performance  
  • Unlimited training and webinars

To upgrade your account, you will be charged based on the size of your social media audience. Sign up for your free trial, and we will calculate your price band. No credit card required at this stage*.

Unlimited access to benchmarking tools

You will always be able to benchmark your performance and access our training and webinars. This is available free of charge, forever.