Listen, engage and connect with a wider audience on social media

A great social media strategy involves social listening and engaging, as well as creating your own content. Engage with all the content you are mentioned in as well as comments on your own posts via desktop or the Maybe* app available on iOS and Android.
Maybe* helps you engage further than your existing social media followers. Get involved in the wider conversation to attract new customers. The social media listening tool allows you to identify, group, prioritise and engage with the voices, conversations and social media users most important to you and your business.
Engaging with your followers and customers allows you to build a deeper and more personal relationship with them and fosters customer retention, loyalty and advocates. Engaging with other businesses, influencers and participating in the conversations about topics most relevant to you and your business helps get you in on the action so you can benefit from increased visibility, reach and the acquisition of new customers.
Save time
managing and engaging with social media conversations.
Interact with social media content in one place.
The Maybe* engagement tool allows you to interact with social media content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and puts it all in one place.
You can choose to like, comment, share, reply, retweet and schedule something for later from within the Maybe* engagement platform or from the app.


Engage with the comments and conversations and comments to you and about you from the social inbox. Interact with the people who influence your customers, and about topics that are the most relevant to your business and brand through the Engage tab. If you want a specific person within your team to engage on behalf of the business, Maybe* allows you to assign conversations and content to team members.
social media listening
Monitor your competitors’ conversations on social media
The Maybe* engagement tool also allows you to keep tabs on your competitors and the conversations they are having on social media.
Group conversations that you just want to listen to within the monitor tab. This insider knowledge will help you learn from how competition is making your customers tick so you can improve your own content marketing and engagement strategy.


Increase your visibility, reach, build brand loyalty and advocates to retain and reward existing customers, while acquiring new ones. Track competitors to target new customers with relevant messages or steal a bigger slice of the market share pie for your business.


Use our Top Comments parsing feature to build brand integrity, optimise your customer service or refine your purchase funnel by tracking the user journey.


Maybe* provides access to over 300,000 UK businesses’ social media accounts within the platform. Or you can add any social media user account, hashtag or conversation topic to engage with or monitor within the Maybe* engagement tool.
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