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Learn from the best

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Delivering Local Business Support to over 25,000 businesses

Maybe* works with 100+ Local Authorities to provide Local Businesses with sponsored access to social media tools and training so that they can bridge the digital divide.

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"Easy to use service and website, helpful and friendly staff, an invaluable service to increase the visibility on social media for our business. Both Instagram and Facebook reach has more than doubled in just a week with a noticeable increase in sales online in the short time we have had Maybe assist with our social media."

LouSells Preloved Labels Team

"Influencer marketing is a big part of my business. When I find someone that I believe matches my brand I would normally watch them for at least a month before making the first contact. It has drastically changed since I have started to use the Maybe* app - the data is unreal and gives me the understanding and confidence to choose influencers in a much shorter period of time."

Sara Da Silva Team

"The fact that I’m able to look back on dates and see what kind of content actually works gives me a better direction on my social media plan. I have been working with Maybe* for nearly three years and they have helped with our growth in different parts of our journey. My best day was when their Ads and Audience building tools helped me turn £250 into over £50,000 in less than 6 hours."

Keith Scarrott Shoes Team

"The results have been amazing. I’m focussing my attention on doing more social media through the Maybe* platform. It just makes more sense. You get so much more data and you can analyse your spend. What Maybe* has done in a week has brought so many customers to me that I’d thought I’d lost. My retargeting advert has tracked down visitors to my website and brought me back into their eye line. And we’ve got orders to prove it, so I’m delighted.”

Law and Co Team

"I just wanted to say how amazing, skillful and patient your team were today. They tried one thing after another and it was actually the very last attempt that worked. All of the problems were due to business pages on Facebook is either assigned to my personal profile, or to no one and the FB pages were not linked to Instagram! Thank you xx"

WIT Conference Team

"Using Maybe* is always a pleasure, not only is the support team incredibly efficient, but they truly understand our business which enables them to help us effectively and ensure that the results we want are achieved and in this case exceeded!”

In Exeter Team

“What a great initiative to help local businesses during this difficult time. It seems to me that this is exactly the right time to re-assess your digital skills. Some businesses may have a bit more time on their hands to re-evaluate how to promote their business on social media to help them through this crisis. Others may be inundated with new customers and orders because of a change in the way they are now doing things. Social media exposure and digital marketing is the way forward and I am thrilled that Maybe* will be focussing on Lechlade and Fairford to help promote the local economy of these two Cotswold market towns.”

Fairford and Lechlade Business Club Team

"Local Bike Shop Day is the one day a year when independent bike shops across the UK can come together to celebrate their distinctive culture. It also aims to give customers a reason to visit their local bike shop and to thank them for the passion, knowledge, and personalised service that they receive. The team at Maybe* was incredibly helpful and gave us an excellent demonstration of how to use the platform. Having all of our mentions, likes, and comments from all social media platforms in one place made it a lot easier to ensure that we didn’t miss out on anything and that we could engage with all who celebrated the day. This year’s Local Bike Shop Day was the most popular one to date, and we will continue to use the Maybe* platform next year to boost social media engagement further still!”.

Local Bike Shop Day Team

“Being able to see the connection between building an audience with racegoers who have never visited The Brewery Quarter before, to having conversations online with them, and then seeing them come into our venue was so rewarding."

Brewery Quarter Team

"The outcomes from our social insights from Maybe* have enabled us to define our development program based on known social needs. This is defining our regeneration program."

Vicar Lane Team

"We have been using Maybe* to create a paid ad which would drive traffic to our website ahead of the ‘Back To School’ period. Not only did the ad drive traffic to our website, encouraging people to book appointments but it also drove an incredible amount of online sales which we were able to track through Maybe* via our integrated Facebook pixel. We found this ad’s progression so exciting and in fact-checked it regularly to see the progress that it was making, but it was also really useful to track the amount of spend on the ad."

The Coes Team

"Maybe* allows businesses to refine and target their social media output, seeing what works and what isn’t so good. The Maybe* team has wide experience and knowledge of campaigns across many business types and across many different countries. That information is there to be learned from. So for all busy business owners trying to make every hour and every penny count, Maybe* is there to help. I recommend you take them up."

Chipping Campden Town Council

“Town centers and businesses need to adjust to the new and increasingly digital environment. Businesses that embrace the digital world are generally far better placed to be resilient in the face of challenges. We are absolutely committed to supporting our towns and the businesses in them and our work with Maybe* is one important example of that."

Cotswold District Council Team

"I have had an excellent experience with Maybe- fast-paced, agile, rewarding, and informative. Very easy to use, a great team on hand to help support you from the beginning, any feature you need they immediately are ready to look at how they can help you. There is always something a bit scary for some people regarding insights and the graphs make it so easy to navigate that everyone in my company found it relatively easy to understand."

Know your Niche Team

“I think it’s about committing the time to social media. It’s taken me up to the pandemic to know how important it is. I like to think there’s a three pronged attack, with social as your foundation, then someone might see an ad and perhaps cycle past your shop. If they see all of those things they’re more likely to get involved with the brand."

Morrows Team

“I want to know all the time, "Is this working? Are we getting to people?" It's interesting. We're actually monitoring conversions from certain posts and advertising to sales. I'm obsessed by that. Social media is not a nice-to-have. It's an essential.”

Biggar Gin Company Team

"As a total technophobe I was dreading dealing with all my social media work myself after burying my head in the sand for years, however the Maybe* team have been amazing. They have talked me through everything step by step with unfailing patience and continues to show me how Maybe can save me time and effort."

Simply Stylish Silver Team

"Thank you Maybe* Team for helping me set up my Maybe* account. I appreciate the support moving forward and the wide range of training available. I really appreciated your patience and taking the time to lead me through this technology maze!"

Kenneth M Greener Solicitors Ltd Team

"I have benefited so much from the support from Maybe*. My business has grown and I’m seeing a lot more website traffic as a result. The team have been brilliant and I now finally understand the confusing world of Facebook ads!"/p>

Shona Cammack Art Team

"This company have been an absolute godsend, they’ve opened doors to me that I had no idea even existed. Super efficient, super friendly, nothing is too much trouble. Very flexible and the platform is very simple to use! Would definitely recommend anyone with a small business to get involved with Maybe!"

Mama Bear Magic Team

"The Maybe* team have talked me through social media ads and were really supportive and helpful."

Meraki Jewellery Team

"I found the Maybe* team easy to deal with and they were really patient with me amidst other odds.The Facebook ads team are so knowledgeable and helpful. I honestly learnt a lot and I can't thank the Maybe* team enough for all their help."

The Falls of Feugh Restaurant Team

"Had a video call with the Maybe* team, they were really knowledgeable about the Maybe* platform and really up to speed with Facebook Business Manager and Ads, helping me to sort out some issues I was experiencing."

Evoke Marketing Team

"I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the Maybe* dashboard, I have received 1-2-1 training as well as online training, you can access the online catalogue at anytime, great to refresh on specific areas that you may not have recently used. As well as the above there is a chat button which gives you access to the Maybe* team so you can ask questions and one of the team members will get back to you - assistance at your fingertips. The dashboard also offers fantastic analytics, once you set your initial format for these you can clone for the next report, takes seconds! I think using this system has improved the digital service I can now offer to the business as well as expanding my skills."

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Team

"The help and expertise have been amazing I had a couple of appointments with the Maybe* team, nothing was too much trouble and she talked me through everything step by step."

The Aesthetica Clinic Strathaven

"The Maybe* team have been great to get us setup. Very much looking forward to seeing how the results progress. "

Operation Cairngorms

"In the past I only required a small number of clients as I worked 121 on large projects and so I didn't do any marketing or much social media at all. However, I'm now creating a range of courses and lower-priced products and so need to market these to a wider audience and attract more traffic to my website and socials. Maybe has given me the tools and guidance and a grant to enable me to do this well."

Kirsten Rees | Book Editor and Author Coach

"The session today got us set up with pixels on our website and I now have an idea on how to use the boost function to increase traffic to our site. The tutor was excellent."

Doric Books CIC

"I thought I was doing on with my social media but there’s so much more potential there’s. It is early days for us with Maybe* and still in the setting up phase. I’m not the most tech savvy but the Maybe* team have been fantastically patient with me and the resources available are excellent."

Elsie's Loft Team

"Fabulous support from maybe. The Maybe* team are so patient and explains things so simply that even I got it. Love that I can schedule my social media posts all in one place and plan ahead.I can also see how my posts are doing compared to my competitors."

Progression Counselling Team