Why you need to join the conversation

People regularly discuss their impressions, experiences, and their interactions with businesses of all types. From the latest product launch to a recent purchase, or even a disappointing interaction, the good, the bad, and the ugly is all fodder for conversation - both online and offline.

Smart businesses listen to these conversations and know how to participate in them.

"We have seen clients use the power of conversation and the Maybe* platform to sell out events, design and launch new products, and exceed sales KPI’s.

Polly Barnfield OBE, Founder and CEO

Incorporating the latest AI, chatbot, benchmarking, and location-aware technology, the patent-pending Maybe* platform allows any business to connect the online, offline, and social customer journey.

By engaging people in personalised conversations - at scale - the Maybe* platform can increase sales , conversion rates , and deliver insights that improve product design, marketing, and the overall customer experience.

Cheltenham based luxury shoe retailer, Keith Scarrott, used the Maybe* platform to create a chatbot that informed their audience about a sale they were launching in store.

On the morning of the sale, they were met with a queue of shoppers, excited to come in and shop.

Boutique fitness apparel brand, Sara Da Silva, used the Maybe* platform to engage their audience around a new design of leggings they were going to launch.

By asking their audience what colour leggings they would like and which size, Sara Da Silva was able to launch a product their audience felt truly invested in. On the day of launch, their online conversion rates went through the roof, resulting in a sell out in 15 hours.

Launching a new product in an already crowded marketplace requires niche insights to ensure success. Ark approached us with their “Baby-First” concept, which they were applying to build a market changing pushchair.

They wanted to ensure they were launching a pushchair that not only met baby's needs but also that of the parents. By reaching out to over 225,000 people, Ark was able to listen to parents’ concerns and desires and create a pushchair set to disrupt the market.

The insights we collected ranged from statistical nuggets to thousands upon thousands of responses from parents, all invested in and excited for the launch of Ark’s revolutionary pushchair.

For example:

  • 64% of new parents and 79% of expectant parents have considered the effects of pollution when out walking with their babies in cities.
  • I worry about pollution from cars and how this will affect my son’s lungs. If there is a product that helps in any way that’s amazing and would be really interesting to learn more about.” Fion

Maybe* enables any business to benchmark their performance, see customer insights in real-time, generate social-proof, and deliver a connected conversational experience, irrespective of device or channel.

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