Why 300,000 people think #MyHighStreetMatters

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee’s (HCLG) issued a call for evidence to support its recent high streets inquiry. While many businesses and politicians respond with their thoughts, not one group took the time to ask what the public felt. Maybe* stepped up into right this wrong and reached 300,000 to find out why their high street matters to them.

The public’s message was clear; people want vibrant, diverse high streets with lower business rates, better parking, more options for independent shops and more specific high street brands. See the full submission here

The top line figures were:

  • 78% worry about their high street
  • 70% worry about shops closing
  • 34% worry about the variety of shops
  • 68% want new clothes stores
  • 41% want more and better shops
  • 29% want improved / free parking
  • 24% want lower business rates
  • 16% want a return to smaller, local shops
  • 11% want less plastic usage / more recycling stations
  • 11% want more youth activities & community / cultural events
  • Furthermore, 45% of respondents shop on their high street at least once a week and more than 40% of people never shop online.

“There has been plenty of people giving their individual opinions on high streets but this consultation provides the only well-rounded view of the desired future of our high streets, supported by the opinions of members of the public; the people that actually determine high streets’ success or failure.”

Polly Barnfield OBE, Founder and CEO of Maybe*

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