Getting social media right is hard.
We make it easy.

Our AI-driven platform takes care of everything—from crafting engaging content to adding relevant hashtags, generating suitable emojis, translating copy, adjusting tone, summarizing content, and even building audiences. It's time to put us to work and experience the difference. Sign up and transform your social media presence today.

At-a-glance dashboard

Get the big picture

Ever wondered if your social media is actually working? It’s time to take off the blindfold. Maybe* shows you all your social media activity in one user-friendly place.

Discover how you compare to your competitors. Find out which of your posts blazed - and which bombed. Measures what matters, and get the insight that helps you do more of what’s right. Fast.

Get visible in the right places.

Maybe* dashbaord

Social media content scheduler

Get control of your content

Too busy to post stuff at the right time? Feel just a bit out of control? Not any more. Maybe* gives you the power and freedom to create and schedule your content in advance.

Boost your best performing posts and, if you’re stuck for sparkling content, get inspiration and suggestions from the best of your competitors. Start planning your posts in seconds.

Plan and post in seconds

Conversation finder

Meet your customers where they are

Social media is noisy. There are nearly four billion people out there talking every day. Are you reaching the right people? Relax, because we’ve thought of that.

Simply search for new customers by location, sector or hashtag, and see all the conversations in one place, then go talk to them from within Maybe*. You’ve got them, now go wow them!

Reach the unreachable


Find out what’s working - in seconds.

We crunch the numbers so you don’t have to. Maybe* has a powerful, flexible, personalised reporting function stuffed with all the analytics you can eat.

Choose your metrics to pinpoint the ads that are selling, to identify your superhot posts, and learn from the ones that sank without trace. Find out what works. And what doesn’t. Now.

Focus on what matters

Social listening

Find out what they’re saying about you

Think it’s rude to listen to conversations? Not on social media. When you know how your customers feel, you can do more of the good things, less of the not-so-good things, and spot more opportunities to delight. With Maybe*, you’ll know what they’re saying about you (or anyone else) in seconds.

Identify the influencers, harness the zeitgeist (ooh!) and know what works. Go on, be nosey. Listen in now.

Focus on what matters

Custom audience builder

Reach the right people, every time.

Don’t waste your Facebook ad money on an audience that doesn’t care. Plug in your Facebook Ads Manager to Maybe* and we’ll build a just-for-you Facebook audience that’s warmed up and ready to buy when you’re ready to spend.

Stop the faff and get the max from Facebook ads. Now.

Get visible in the right places

Skills hub

Master social media

Don’t know your engagement from your reach? Awesome! We love helping people zoom from from "huh?" to "aha!" in easy-to-manage chunks of focussed learning. Or if you’re hot on social media, we’ll help you get even hotter! How cool is that?

Choose from a ton of bite-sized no-bull training videos in your own personal learning zone on your Maybe* dashboard. And don’t forget there’s a whole team of real live human beings ready and waiting to help you master social media.

Bite-sized training, big results

Customer rewards

Know your customer

How can you know your customer and be ready to shower them with rewards and sweet, sweet love, whether they’re browsing in your bricks ‘n’ mortar shop or online? Easy peasy.

Maybe* links your customers’ online activity with offline sales - and vice versa. This means you can reward them with loyalty goodies whenever - and however - they spend with you. And...nope it's not another app.

Not witchcraft. Just very, very clever stuff.

Prize draw gizmo

Boost customer loyalty with no-tears competition

Want to run social media competitions but don’t know where to start? Start here.

Maybe* gives you the power to create and manage prize draws, giveaways and contests quickly and easily. But that’s not all. You’ll discover what worked best, who they attracted and how to capitalise on your results. That’s a win.

Create a buzz with faff-free competitions.

Put your business centre stage

What our customers are saying

"I am still in my first stages using the platform but the level of customer service I got from Sarah, who gave me an initial run-through, and then Danni, who solved a long-standing and extremely annoying issue with Meta with maximum efficiency and charm, was absolutely first class. A tech company with a very human touch."

Dan, Clippd

"The Maybe* Social Media Management Platform enables NewRiver Centres to get more from social media. We use it across our centres to schedule content and engage with local conversations. What makes Maybe* special? They provide NewRiver with the data and training that allows our individual centre teams to understand and constantly improve the impact of our social media on our centres and the communities they support."

Erin Thorne, New River

"The Maybe* Social Media Management Platform enables Gloucester Quays to use a full suite of social media management tools and metrics to benchmark and measure centre performance against any 500+ UK shopping centres as well as the social media performance of our extensive range of retailers and leisure destinations."

Lauren Hopkins, Gloucester Quays

"As a total technophobe I was dreading dealing with all my social media work myself after burying my head in the sand for years, however the Maybe* team have been amazing. They have talked me through everything step by step with unfailing patience and continues to show me how Maybe can save me time and effort."

Simply Stylish Silver Team

"Thank you Maybe* Team for helping me set up my Maybe* account. I appreciate the support moving forward and the wide range of training available. I really appreciated your patience and taking the time to lead me through this technology maze!"

Kenneth M Greener Solicitors Ltd Team

"I have benefited so much from the support from Maybe*. My business has grown and I’m seeing a lot more website traffic as a result. The team have been brilliant and I now finally understand the confusing world of Facebook ads!"

Shona Cammack Art Team

"This company have been an absolute godsend, they’ve opened doors to me that I had no idea even existed. Super efficient, super friendly, nothing is too much trouble. Very flexible and the platform is very simple to use! Would definitely recommend anyone with a small business to get involved with Maybe!"

Mama Bear Magic Team

"The Maybe* team have talked me through social media ads and were really supportive and helpful."

Meraki Jewellery Team

"I found the Maybe* team easy to deal with and they were really patient with me amidst other odds.The Facebook ads team are so knowledgeable and helpful. I honestly learnt a lot and I can't thank the Maybe* team enough for all their help."

The Falls of Feugh Restaurant Team

"Had a video call with the Maybe* team, they were really knowledgeable about the Maybe* platform and really up to speed with Facebook Business Manager and Ads, helping me to sort out some issues I was experiencing."

Evoke Marketing Team

"I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the Maybe* dashboard, I have received 1-2-1 training as well as online training, you can access the online catalogue at anytime, great to refresh on specific areas that you may not have recently used. As well as the above there is a chat button which gives you access to the Maybe* team so you can ask questions and one of the team members will get back to you - assistance at your fingertips. The dashboard also offers fantastic analytics, once you set your initial format for these you can clone for the next report, takes seconds! I think using this system has improved the digital service I can now offer to the business as well as expanding my skills."

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Team

"The help and expertise have been amazing I had a couple of appointments with the Maybe* team, nothing was too much trouble and she talked me through everything step by step."

The Aesthetica Clinic Strathaven

"The Maybe* team have been great to get us setup. Very much looking forward to seeing how the results progress. "

Operation Cairngorms

"In the past I only required a small number of clients as I worked 121 on large projects and so I didn't do any marketing or much social media at all. However, I'm now creating a range of courses and lower-priced products and so need to market these to a wider audience and attract more traffic to my website and socials. Maybe has given me the tools and guidance and a grant to enable me to do this well."

Kirsten Rees | Book Editor and Author Coach

"The session today got us set up with pixels on our website and I now have an idea on how to use the boost function to increase traffic to our site. The tutor was excellent."

Doric Books CIC

"I thought I was doing on with my social media but there’s so much more potential there’s. It is early days for us with Maybe* and still in the setting up phase. I’m not the most tech savvy but the Maybe* team have been fantastically patient with me and the resources available are excellent."

Elsie's Loft Team

"Fabulous support from maybe. The Maybe* team are so patient and explains things so simply that even I got it. Love that I can schedule my social media posts all in one place and plan ahead.I can also see how my posts are doing compared to my competitors."

Progression Counselling Team

"I have been really impressed by the team at Maybe*. They have given me a great understanding of how to use social media to grow our reach. We have had some fantastic results since taking part in the training sessions and the 1:1 calls with the team have been first class. It's like they are part of our small team! We have had great results too; increased engagements, follows and lead generation."

Amanda, Amanda Wilson Family Law

"The Maybe* team have been amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful during the set up process. The team member I spoke with had a lovely warm personality and patience to help me navigate how to set up a business on the website."

Deirdre, Darragh Therapy

"Helpful staff and really grateful for the help I received from the Maybe* team as it has helped me grow my business."

Katrina, Crafting with the Taylors

"The Maybe* team have been extremely helpful and patient with all the questions and queries we've had. They were a great help in setting up our business managers too."

Lewis, Street Soccer Scotland

"Honestly such a great experience, talking through the set up of my Maybe* account was so easily and calmly explained and to follow. I can get frustrated with Facebook business manager and ads! But this team is excellent! Very knowledgeable and kind."

Georgia, Georgia Beaven Coaching

"Absolutely brilliant support and training! I’ve learnt so much within a couple of months!"

Sarah, Adore Once More

"Have found the help from the Maybe* team to be invaluable. We have learned a lot and are looking forward to using this experience to help our charity to improve its marketing."

Carol, Tullynessle Hall

"Very professional, great product knowledge and attention to detail. The Maybe* team have given us so much of their valuable time and, as usual, always, "Went the extra mile" to ensure we had everything in place and we understood what was required."

Gordon, Sew Good

"I cannot believe the support that I have received from Maybe*. Nothing is too much trouble. And there is training for each area you need in a platform that has a very user friendly interface. I would definitely recommend Maybe*."

Sarah, The Cupcake Oven

"Genuinely as someone who believes customer service is non existent nowadays, the Maybe* team are an exception to the rule. The wealth of knowledge was second to none and communication and flexibility to accommodate me was fantastic. I am genuinely appreciative as a new business owner of the support the Maybe* team has given me as it will be invaluable going forward."

Declan, GasGeeks Plumbing and Heating