Easy to use, AI-powered social media management tools.

Benchmark your performance against any other businesses and access everything you need to succeed.

Here’s what Maybe* will do for your team:

Data-driven insights

Compare your social media performance to any competitor. Run Reports in seconds. Integrate social data with your business data.

Turbo-charge your content

Schedule the right content and view your publishing calendar. Be inspired by content from the leaders in your sector.

AI-powered Ads

Boost your best performing content to the right audience. See which ads are working and turn off those that are wasting money.

Grow your audience

Connect your Facebook Ads manager and let Maybe* build your custom audience for you to boost posts to. We add offline customers too.

Rewards and loyalty

Card linking turns offline transactions into online audiences that you can reach again. Seamlessly. (UK only at present).

Skills Hub

Access social media training when you need it. Live chat, daily webinars and over 400+ social media training articles.

Improve ROI: Turn digital investment into sales

Access the data you need to make informed digital decisions, know where to invest more time, effort and spend. See the ROI of each ad you are running.

Maybe* social media management tools - dashboard

Maybe* dashboard

Every metric you need at your fingertips – know what delivers results for you and your competitors. Show your team what customers are saying.

Audience building

From the moment you connect your ads manager to Maybe* we start building your custom audience on Facebook for you.

Ads report

Boost your content and run successful ad campaigns which drive a return on investment. See the ads that are working and well and turn off those that are not. Connect online activity to offline spend and communicate with your customers in real time.


Improve your performance by knowing what works for you and your competitors. Spot winning moves and improve on them.

Card linking

Turn offline transactions into a way to grow online audiences and turn online purchases into physical footfall. Seamlessly. (UK only at present).

Save time:  Invest your time in the right place

No more guesswork. No matter what your role is in your businesses, knowing what customers and competitors are saying on social media Maybe* enables you to make smarter business decisions. 

Maybe* social media management tools - reports


Every report you need at your fingertips. Know what works with all of the information that matters to you in one place.


Improve performance with social listening. Know what works for any sector, any location, and any hashtag. 

Sentiment analysis

 Understand the sentiment of the words in any conversation you define.

Place insights

Understand the context and quantity of the social media conversation of any UK town or city.  Compare outputs, listen, and engage at scale. International destinations are available on request. 

Group insights

Understand the context and quantity of the social media conversation of any group of businesses that you define. Listen and engage at scale.

Skills hub

Access great social media training when you need it. Live chat, daily webinars and over 400+ social media training articles. We help your team go from good to great. 

Why this matters now: Be where your customers are 

Across the UK 72% of consumers are using social media for up to 3 hrs per day. The challenge is how to reach them. Maybe* makes it super easy to do just that by building custom audiences for you automatically.

Social media management tools


Increase engagement by joining the right social media conversations across all social media channels in any selected location or sector.

Content calendar

Know what has been posted and see what is scheduled to be posted next. See at a glance what works well and ensure your focus on the content that delivers the best results.

Place ranking

Spot the best performing businesses on social media in any town across the UK. Find the influencers and learn how they can help you with your placemaking strategy.

Sponsorship Manager

Help businesses reach more customers by sponsoring their access to Maybe* tools and training.