Go beyond measuring audience engagement with the Maybe* social media sentiment analysis tool.

Not all exposure is good exposure. So, our advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) identifies the positive, negative, and neutral reactions people have to your posts.
Check what content lies behind the feeling and use our search-by-date function to track responses to specific events like price changes and product launches.
Effective sentiment analysis gets to the core of a good content strategy, empowering you to create more of what makes people feel good about your brand.
of consumers say
they will only buy from
brands they feel
understand and care
about them.
Our social media sentiment analysis tools pull back the curtain on traditional social media monitoring.
Use your insider knowledge build a social media strategy that encourages positive brand mentions.
Capitalise on praise, intercept negative sentiment before it spreads, and apply data to drive online success.
Social listening doesn’t have to be time-consuming.
Our social media sentiment analysis tool harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to uncover the feeling behind audience engagement.
It automatically assigns positive, negative and neutral sentiments to online interactions.


By monitoring your brand’s social mentions in real-time, your business will learn how to better demonstrate value propositions, improve public relations, and maintain the health of your brand-health over the long-term.


Sentiment analysis is just one of our potent social media monitoring tools built to create more productive and profitable digital marketing solutions.
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