It costs to create content,
so don't waste your time
on mediocrity.

The Maybe* social media "See what works" insight engagement tool gives you the insider knowledge you need to create a better social media strategy.
Easily measure how engaged your audience is with your posts and narrow your focus to the type of content that gets their attention.
When you only produce what works, you'll encourage interaction, build stronger relationships, and save valuable money and time.
Over 75% of internet
users say they buy from,
talk about and visit
the brands they follow
on social media.
A great social media strategy inspires
interaction, boosts brand recognition,
and generates influence.
Our social media engagement analytics tool
empowers you and your content team
with information.
Automatically track, analyse, and
visualise data from your business's
social media posts. See what content
you should prioritise for maximum output
with minimal investment.
Your organisation can
learn more by doing less
with our social media
engagement analytics tool.
Automatically identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current social media strategy.
Leverage this data towards actionable insights,
like increasing your social ROI by only paying for the content that works.
Our user-focused approach increases the social sharing value of your posts and strengthens the brand-consumer relationship.
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