Target the topics
with the biggest impact.

Maybe’s What’s Being Said Report identifies the important conversations your audience are having on social media.
When you know what people are discussing, in real-time, you can join the right conversations now and learn how to spark the ones that will matter tomorrow.
Analyse trending topics, define the impact of a new content strategy, launch your latest product or start a viral hashtag with insights from your topic analysis report.
Maybe’s AI-driven platform empowers you to go beyond self-improvement and see how you measure up against your competitors.
of consumers feel more
loyalty for brands
who understand their
priorities and preferences.
Social listening tools support your business in building a meaningful presence on social media.
Without social listening, content marketing has blind spots.
With Maybe’s What’s Being Said Report, your team will see the full picture. Hone your approach, benchmark it against your competitors’, generate leads and uncover emerging trends from our cross-channel social media monitoring platform.


Use our advanced features to compare future and current conversations and check the posts that have already provoked success.


With topic analysis insights, you can see what’s hot and get exact temperature readings by reviewing the number of conversations of each topic type. Empower your team build stronger audience connections online.


Empower your team to
build stronger audience
connections online.
Learn to lead the conversations people are having about your brand.
Maybe’s advanced social media topic analysis report puts the might of AI-powered text mining to work on your online strategy.


Add features, tweak products and better target social selling from our social listening tool’s insights. Uncovering the services, features, products and marketing that are hitting the right note and which are falling on deaf ears.


Use our search-by-brand tool to benchmark your progress against your competitor’s. Quickly identify their most shared content, monitor major strategy shifts like product launches and novel marketing approaches and expand your reach by tapping into their audiences. With automatic updates, your business can focus on the content that’s current.
Why you need to be part of the conversation on social media
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