A social media benchmarking tool that compares your activity with any other organisations you choose.

Our customisable social media benchmaking tool is 100% free to use. You can benchmark anything and anyone. From other local colaborators to international competitors.
With Maybe* you can easily see how your organisation compares.
Your benchmark report will reveal how many social media followers you have and how often you post compared to others. Using other tools within Maybe* you can also understand the engagment and sentiment of their posts.
Use these insights to drive your social media strategy and rise above your competition by  measuring what matters and doing more of what works.
"It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better"
Jony Ive, Apple
Access the information your organisation needs to perform  better on social media.
Compare your organisations social media output with others in any  network using the Maybe* benchmarking tool.
Maybe*  provides real-world insights that help you gain an advantage in your marketplace. Make data-powered comparisons about your posting frequency, audience size, content, engagement and sentiment. These  insights will improve your social media strategy.
Quickly identify industry leaders and find out what they’re doing that works so you can do more of it yourself. With the Maybe* social media benchmarking tool, you can put your efforts into perspective and by monitoring others. This helps you reach your organisation's goals faster.


When you know where you stand, you can raise your game and improve your performance.
The Maybe* benchmarking tool encourages  your organisation to improve its performance.
It puts  your social media productivity into a wider context and will help your team to develop more efficient online strategies. It will help pinpoint exactly how much time and energy your business needs to invest to rise up your vertical and in your location.
Using our customisable social media benchmarking tool you can build datasets that compare your audience size and posting frequency within any marketplace.  These data-driven insights will improve the productivity and performance of your digital marketing campaigns.
Measure what matters. Do more of what works.
Why you need to be part of the conversation on social media
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Benchmark and improve
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Compare your results to over 250,000 organisations.
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