The simple guide for launching a new venue

Launching a new bar in an already saturated market can be a challenge. For Cheltenham based venue, The Brewery Quarter, the announcement of the launch of their new bar ‘The Botanist’ needed to generate excitement and anticipation.

Through the Maybe* platform The Brewery Quarter had built an incredibly responsive audience. By appealing directly to their exclusive audience and through clever targeting, social listening, and media targeting, The Brewery Quarter saw incredible excitement at their announcement.

Almost overnight, they doubled their audience size and increased their reach by starting a conversation with their audience.


“We can’t believe the impact this has had - The Botanist has a head-start before opening by using the Maybe* platform to spread awareness - they are quite literally the talk of the town.”

Demelsa Coleman, Marketing Manager

To spread awareness of the launch of The Botanist, The Brewery Quarter asked their audience who they would take to the new venue. Through the Maybe* platform, they were then able to enter real-time conversations with their audience and gather opted-in email addresses so they could be contacted closer to the opening of the new bar.


“Launching a new bar in an already saturated market is a challenge for many leisure destinations. The Maybe* platform allows businesses to build an audience that is excited to visit, even before opening day. By building the right community though conversation, businesses are able to target customers with the right message at the right time.”

Polly Barnfield OBE, Maybe* Founder and CEO.

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