Compare your social media success with the best performing UK Shopping Centres.

Find out where your social media efforts rank among your competitors with the Maybe* UK Shopping Centre Index.

Our completely free index tells you the size of your following and how often you post and benchmarks your efforts against your biggest competitors. By placing your social media strategy into a nationwide context, you can easily see how much you need to do to improve. 

The Maybe* UK Shopping Centre index empowers centre owners, managers and marketers to create a social media strategy that attracts retail talent and brings more consumers to their doors.

3 in 10
shoppers use social media to research products before buying in-store.
Drive higher footfall, encourage return customers and bring in new retailers with a better social media strategy.
Avoid spending more money and time than is necessary to reach your social marketing goals.
Our index helps you pinpoint exactly how much more you need to post, or how many more followers you need to engage to rise up the ranks. Take your insights a step further by quickly identifying the top performers in your niche and finding inspiration from their approach.
Compare the social media presence of hundreds of UK Shopping Centres.
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