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Maybe* Research provides over 20,000 responses from surveyed participants. Expert insight and analysis into what shoppers and employees want and need from retail, the High Street, and work in the new world, that you can learn from to move your business forwards.

Maybe* Research

what shoppers want

What Shoppers Want: Edition 1

Want to get more shoppers back in-store faster? Find out what the barriers to offline shoppers are, what customers expect from a safe shopping experience, what retailers shoppers have missed the most, what the impact of queuing will be on physical visits to stores and retail destinations, and what you can do to entice more shoppers.

Back to Work report

With lockdown restrictions easing and workers preparing to return to work, are you ready? Maybe* Research reveals employees’ main concerns about returning to work, what their health and safety needs are, and what they expect from flexible working.

Get What Shoppers Want: Edition 2

51% of people will avoid shopping in high streets or shopping centres if social distancing is ignored. What Shoppers Want edition 2 is the follow up to our original retail trends analysis exploring what shoppers expect from social distancing measures in more detail.

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