Identify the metrics that matter to you and analyse the performance of your activity with the Maybe* report builder.

Need to demonstrate the ROI of your social media activity, ad spend or want to see your results quickly and concisely?

The Maybe* report builder enables you to overlay your social media metrics with your key business data so you can calculate the impact your online activity has on your overall business results.

Build reports
from the metrics
that matter to you in minutes.
Our report builder helps you quickly identify what activity is working and what isn’t.
Use the report builder to see what content is working, ensure your ads are performing and understand the ROI and impact your social media activity is having on your overall business results.
made simple
with Maybe*
Our report builder enables you to quickly build reports from your chosen metrics, including social and business data.

This gives you simpler and faster access to all of your insights so you can monitor your social performance, ad campaigns, sentiment and more in real-time. Each graph within the report is clickable, taking you directly to the content or ad that it relates to so you can see exactly what works and do more of it.

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