Local Rewards for shoppers

  • Easy to use 

  • No additional app required

  • Works with existing Credit and Debit Cards

  • Supports Visa and Mastercard Transactions

  • Uses Messenger Chat to communicate

  • Immediate rewards

  • Totally frictionless 

  • Lots of fun - try it out.

Retailers, see the results of online promotions on in-store spend

 See the impact of all of your marketing on in-store sales.


No more guessing about what activity works to drive offline sales - you now have absolute proof so you can run with the promotions that deliver the best ROI. All campaigns can be localised and tracked on by each store location.


Each transaction through Visa or MasterCard by registered shoppers triggers points that can be claimed against your rewards that can also be used as online promotions.


Every time shoppers spend they earn points which can go towards a reward in your store. These rewards can be promoted online and then attributed directly to offline spend.

Shopping Centres: attract footfall and drive sales

Attract shoppers to your shopping destination by promoting Local Rewards that can only be redeemed within your centre. by registered users.


Every time shoppers spend they earn points which can go towards other rewards in your centre. This encourages them to spend more with your retailers.


Local Rewards can also be used as a way to deliver trails and incentre digital events in a completely contactless way.


BIDs and Councils: Rebuild your local economy by rewarding shoppers

Local Rewards is a nationwide loyalty programme that helps rebuild local economies by rewarding shoppers.


The scheme allows BIDs and Councils to reignite the local economy by promoting shopping locally and supporting small, independent businesses within the community.


Access a ready-made campaign with free customisable marketing materials that can be deployed quickly and easily.

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