Learn how to quickly sell out a new product using this proven method

Designing and launching a new product to sell out success if far from guaranteed for any business. Yet, by involving their audience in the design and sales process, sportswear brand Sara Da Silva was able to do exactly that.

“We sold out in 15 hours. I don’t know a lot of businesses that can do that.”

Sara Da Silva, Owner

Sara Da Silva sell high-quality sports leggings. Entering into a highly competitive marketplace, they needed to set themselves apart to see success. Using Maybe* technology to understand their audience and what matters to them, Sara Da Silva built an online community and asked this engaged group of people to help decide which colour their next leggings should be.

Anticipating the launch, they also asked their shoppers what size they would need to ensure they stocked the most popular sizes. By engaging their audience so deeply, within 15 hours of launch they had sold out.

“Selling out a product is exciting for any brand, especially for a new business launching in a very competitive marketplace. By engaging their audience not only did Sara Da Silva create a group of people who were excited to buy, but they were able to create a product people felt invested in and order the right amount of stock to ensure happy customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s leggings, shoes, or ladders, the Maybe* platform makes this same process available to any business.”


- Polly Barnfield, CEO and Founder of Maybe*

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