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Accept the invitation and you’ll get access to
worth of social media tools and training including:

  • A team of social media experts who will help you reach more customers
  • 12 months’ free access to Maybe* social media tools
  • A suite of on-demand training resources and guides
  • Daily live training sessions that are tailored for all levels

Case studies: businesses who have embraced social media

Discover how Maybe* has helped other businesses succeed with social media

You’ll get access to a library of bite-sized expert training, here’s a preview:

Maybe* in the media

Free stuff for you? Really? Yes, really.

We’re working with a number of sponsors across the country to help you use social media to achieve your business objectives: more sales, more customers, wider reputation, whatever works for you.

What's in it for Maybe*?

Maybe* is here to help businesses get more out of social media, so watching you get better and better results on social media makes us happy. But we’re also hoping that you really like what you can do with Maybe* and that you want to carry on using Maybe* after your free access has finished.

Are the invitations available for any business in the UK?

Yes, but the places are limited. Depending on where you are located, your sponsor may have a different offer for you via Maybe*. Once you sign up and enter your location we’ll confirm the amount of support you are eligible for.

Is the support really free?

It’s free in the sense that you don’t pay for anything at all, but you’ll need to invest a bit of your time. You must sign up for a free Maybe* account to access it.

Does Maybe* get paid?

Yes, we are paid by some sponsors to provide free access to our online services and training.

Free access to Maybe* tools and training:

There’s a limited number of places up for grabs. This means it’s strictly first come, first served, when they run out you may still be eligible for access to Maybe* and unlimited training for free.