How to increase offline spend with Local Rewards

See how and why Local Rewards is a "Gamechanger" for everyone involved in offline retail

Local Rewards is a nationwide loyalty program for Retailers, Shopping Centres, Councils and BIDs.


It provides a contactless, frictionless solution that links all debit
and credit card transactions with Facebook messenger. This turns
each transaction into an opportunity to increase the spend in the local area.

The outcomes from our social insights from Maybe* have enabled us to define our development program based on known social need. This is defining our regeneration programme.

David Goldstein
Alterx – The Real Partners

Being able to see the connection between building an audience with racegoers who have never visited The Brewery Quarter before, to having conversations online with them, and then seeing them come into our venue was so rewarding.

Demelsa Coleman
Marketing Manager, The Brewery Quarter

The Maybe* platform is helping our retailers increase their reach and engagement. What’s more their webinars are a key fixture of my week. I consistently come away inspired and full of ideas of what to do for Visit Knowle.

Kim Hulse
Manager, Visit Knowle

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