How to design the right product for your audience

When designing a new product, ensuring you are building the right product for your audience is critical to success. The all new companies, Ark wanted to create a new pushchair that showed undeniable value, even in a crowded market place.

“Our company ethos is around Baby-First - this means we do what’s best for baby at every stage of development. However, integral to this is building a product that also meets the needs of parents and caregivers. The Maybe* platform helped us understand which aspects of our product were most important to our audience and how to message them to ensure cut through in a crowded marketplace.”


Ben Thompson, CMO and Founder

By listening to the pushchair conversation online through the Maybe* platform, Ark were able to understand which groups were most excited by their unique design proposition. Through informed targeting, over 235,000 new and expectant parents were reached and over 20,000 questions were answered as part of this product design conversation.


“Designing a product people want just makes good sense. But involving your audience in the design process, getting them excited and engaged before launch, and ensuring you’re talking to the right people, at the right time, with the right message makes better sense. That’s what the Maybe* platform can deliver for any business. There are now tens of thousands of parents anticipating the launch of Ark’s new pushchair, even before product has landed in the UK.”


Polly Barnfield OBE, Founder and CEO at Maybe*

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