“Let’s Not Waste A Good Crisis” - How The Retail Sector Can Survive & Thrive Post-Pandemic

Our panel of sector experts recognised that things need to change. This whitepaper discusses creating new partnerships, developing new interesting offers and above all, how to not waste a good crisis. 

🏬 What Will The New Normal Mean For The High Street?

🛍️ What about the larger retailers?

📱Leveraging The Potential Of Social Media

🤳 Creating Brand Experiences 

📍Hyper-localisation and Hyper-personalisation

🤝 Landlord & Tenant – Changing The Model

😃 Causes For Optimism

“Let’s Not Waste
A Good Crisis” -
How The Retail Sector Can Survive & Thrive Post-Pandemic


What the experts are saying:

“In terms of independent retailers, I think they recognised two significant societal changes. One is the accelerated move online, and we've seen more of our members trade online than ever before, some doing it very well, some less successfully but learning all the time. And I think the other factor that influences people's behaviours will be many more people now working where they live.”

Andrew Goodacre, CEO of BIRA, the British Independent Retailers Association.

“We need to focus on the importance of place and community. It isn't just about retail anymore. We also need to consider our young people and how we actually appeal to them in our places. And diametrically opposed to that is our aging population, so we have two ends of the spectrum and how they're both going to want to be in those places. The other factor that's coming to bite us, whether we like it or not, is green streets and being net carbon zero. All this means a huge opportunity for entrepreneurship and small independent businesses and how we support those businesses going forward.”

Dr Diane Savory OBE, Chair of the Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership and a member of The High Streets Task Force and the Retail Sector Council.

“There has been a massive opportunity for local retailers to raise their awareness to people, and people have enjoyed that local connection. There will be a renewed value on localism and local service, and I'm talking about really local, not larger centres with a convenience offer. But I think there will also be a rebasing of values and a reduction in retail space. And some destinations have got to become something else. There will be a real shakedown and something good will come out of it.”

Mark Disney, Executive Director at CBRE.