Stop paying for ads you hope will work and start spending your money on those you know will.

Have all the information you need about your paid and organic posts available in one place.
Instantly analyse the reach, cost and success of your marketing efforts using our simplified dashboard and use your new-found know-how to make informed decisions about your budget, approach and campaign targets.
When you understand what’s profitable and what’s not, you can quickly update and optimise your campaigns to get the best results.
And, if something does need to change, you can easily adjust your ads in Facebook’s editing platform with one click from the Maybe* dashboard.
of online shoppers
use Facebook to find
new products and services.
Improve your Facebook advertising with the Maybe* Facebook ads manager tool.
Effortlessly measure ad visibility, engagement and profitability.
Our integration shows you and your marketing team what you’ve spent, how much you’ve made, who you’ve reached and where in the sales cycle you’re losing people.


When you spot emerging trends, tweak your strategy in Facebook’s editing function with a direct link from our platform.


Use the Maybe* FB ads manager tool to quickly and simply optimise your performance and free up your team to work on more important things like nurturing relationships with advertisers and affiliates.
Maybe’s Facebook ad manager integration empowers your business to earn more, waste less and get noticed.
Enjoy the convenience of a feature-rich platform that’s built to manage, monitor and optimise social media ads.
Access and filter campaigns from multiple clients and search by keyword to narrow your view to individual product lines or themes. See all the metrics that matter most in one consolidated view.


Analyse budget, spend, views and ROI and identify the weaknesses in your sales funnel with basket and checkout abandonment stats.


Apply our insights to maximises yield and grow your business’s revenue and use our Assign feature to efficiently communicate your thoughts throughout your vertical.
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