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We’ve created a Live Shop Local Guide for every UK High Street. Yours is ready and waiting for you. Just sign up to Maybe* we will send you the link to promote your High Street - it will remain updated without you doing anything and does a lot more besides.

We know that creating these Guides can be a challenge and keeping them up to date is even harder.

That’s why we created a solution for you. We know that now more than ever High Street Businesses need your help. They need all of the support they can get.

Seeing the connection between building an audience with people who have never visited before, to having conversations online with them, and then seeing them come into our venue was so rewarding.

Denise Coleman
Marketing Manager, The Brewery

The outcomes from our social insights from Maybe* have enabled us to define our development program based on known social need. This is defining our regeneration programme.

David Goldstein
Alterx – The Real Partners

My retargeting advert has tracked down visitors to my website and brought me back into their eye line. And we’ve got orders to prove it.

Law & Co
Owner, Denise

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