Get more from your ManyChat Pro subscription with the Maybe* Messenger chatbot manager.

Our data crunching chat bot integration visualises the conversations people have in your Messenger chats and identifies key metrics that tell you, in simple terms, how your bot is doing.
Get the measure of your engagement success with our new messenger audience growth graph and better understand who your audience is using visualisations of key demographics.
Our innovative Bot Field API integration lets you tell the Maybe* chatbot manager to keep an eye on any metric that is useful to your business. Think, number of subscribers, scans of a QR code or click-throughs to your website.
Whether you’re processing sales, conducting a survey or providing customer service, the Maybe* chatbot report integration gives you the knowledge you need to improve.
of customers say they expect chatbots to transform their expectations of companies in the future.
Our chatbot manager dashboard automatically generates comprehensive, visual breakdowns about your users.
The Maybe* Messenger chatbot integration uncovers trends in your user data.
It empowers you and your team to visualise your data, allow your clients to view key chatbot metrics and make better bots for your business.


Easily identify acquisition and drop-off trends over time and uncover talking points, demographics, key comments and metrics.


Our chat bot report even separates the things people say into negative and positive, so you can gauge reactions to your bot’s approach and share the best, authentic user quotes with your wider network.
Boost the value of your ManyChat Pro subscription with the Maybe* chat bot manager tool.
Access detailed and fully customisable analytics reports on any aspect of your chatbot-based CRM, lead generation or market research campaign.
Elevate your scripts, improve engagement and response rate, and generate better returns for your business.


Our data visualisation dashboard produces real-time insights that highlight any graphable aspect of your chatbot’s performance.


Use our Top Comments parsing feature to build brand integrity, optimise your customer service or refine your purchase funnel by tracking the user journey.


With the Maybe* chatbot report tool, you can compare current and historical data from Custom Bot Fields and audience growth trends, giving you the data you need to create better business strategies.
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