Understanding place sentiment: Maybe* webinars for the High Street Task Force

Understanding place sentiment is a live webinar which will enable place stakeholders to evaluate their High Streets using sentiment analysis, as well as providing them with an understanding of how sentiment impacts on place KPIs such as footfall.

Beyond footfall, there are few reliable metrics with which to assess the vitality and viability of High Streets within towns or city centres.

"Sentiment analysis" – namely the measurement of context in aggregated social media posts – can provide insight into how citizens and organisations feel about a place from what they say about that place.

The advent of social media gives us an opportunity to analyse what people said about places by measuring the positive or negative tone of their language in the content they posted. This is more important than ever before as consumers are becoming ever more active on social media.

On the first Wednesday of every month, Maybe* invites you to attend the live 'Understanding Place Sentiment' webinar. We compare the place sentiment of towns across the United Kingdom using social media data and online conversations. This analysis helps inform placemakers' understanding of what they need to do to connect the citizens and organisations within a place and improve the reputation, vitality and footfall there.

This month we'll be exploring the impact of seasonal festivals like Halloween and Diwali on the online conversation about place and the opportunity it presents to increase footfall.

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