The Maybe* social media experts answer your Webinar Wednesday frequently asked questions

Every week on our weekly webinar we invite you to ask us anything. We've rounded up all the frequently asked questions and the answers from our Maybe* social media experts. Whether it’s your social media stumpers or you want to know how to get the most from Maybe*, we have you covered.

Your questions answered

How can I keep up the latest social media changes?
Here you’ll find our weekly sleuths into the world of social media and what new features and changes you need to stay on top of. 

How can Indie retailers sell online easily and quickly?
If you want to get online quickly, we’ve a few suggestions we have compiled that can help you get selling online. It’s simpler than you might think.

How do I effectively use hashtags?
We have a lot to say about hashtags, so much in fact we’ve got a whole category for them over in our help files. This will light the way.

How do I add text to social media images?
Canva is a favourite with the Maybe* team, and it will make you look like a graphic design pro. Take a dive into our help archives to find out more.

Ask the social media experts

What are your top tips for a BID using social media?
If you are BID, a great place to start is by celebrating the great things in your place through great curated content, and regularly reviewing what is working well on your feeds. Here’s
some best practice inspiration.

How do I get started with Facebook Ads?
We have a lot of help and advice about Facebook Ads, in fact we’ve got a whole category for them over in our Help files. Head over to our help articles to find out more.

How do I discover my best post?
The Maybe* Best Performing Post tool allows you to easily identify the best social media content on any given day in your place or location, an industry sector, or for a specific feed.  Check out how to use the Best Performing Post tool here.

How do I add a hashtag conversation to my Maybe* account?
You can easily add conversations by entering hashtags into the Maybe* search bar and then choosing whether you’d like to listen or engage with it. Here’s a quick how-to video showing you how it’s done.

Still scratching your head?

How can Local Authorities engage with residents and businesses in their place effectively?
To get your audience to engage, try adding a little little humour and fun to dry topics where relevant.  Here's how it's done in ten easy steps.

How can I get better on Instagram?
Your Instagram should showcase your business in a creative and fun way. Today, let’s do some housekeeping to spruce up your Instagram profile. Here’s a little housekeeping to spruce up your Insta feed. 

Are Facebook And Instagram Ads effective?
Yes, they can be extremely effective in boosting visits to your website and sales. Here’s a great example of how it’s done.

How do I sign up for Maybe?
This is definitely one we can help with!
Click here and get started for free.

Key takeaway

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