Lockdown 2: High Street Support Plan Webinar

On the first day of Lockdown 2, one of our existing clients used the Maybe* platform to deliver a six hour flash sale event that resulted in a whopping 11,387% increase in orders - all for just a £200 advertising spend.  

This is not an extraordinary event. It's a repeatable process that we can help tens of thousands of other businesses learn how to replicate, and fast.

But we need your collaboration to help more businesses survive this new trading environment. We have a plan that we need your help to execute.

Join us on Wednesday November 11 at 10am where we will be revealing a number of new funding options that work for all High Street Stakeholders, so whether you are a Council, a BID, a Shopping Centre or a retailer this is relevant to you.

The webinar will also showcase the steps any business can take to achieve the same success our client has seen.

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High Street Support Plan Webinar

Date: Wednesday 11th November

Time: 10am

How to remain connected with local customers

In a world where lockdowns are becoming a part of life, every High Street and the businesses within them need a new way to remain connected with their local customers. They need to be able to sell no matter what.  This requires new tools and skills that can be learned and deployed fast. That is what Maybe* does. 

We are preparing to make this even easier with the release of new Digital Shopping Guides for every UK High Street, these will provide another level of connectivity between businesses and consumers.

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Please join us at 10 am this Wednesday (November 11th) to see the support plans available to you and to have your input  - if you are busy please still register and we will send you the recording.

It’s important to us that we have your feedback before we launch this to every UK High Street, we have to get this right. It matters.