Know your place! Join a free webinar on understanding place sentiment

Do you want to access and understand place sentiment?

Maybe* is proud to be a partner of the Government's High Streets Task Force - an alliance of place making experts that provides encouragement, tools and skills to help communities and local government transform their high streets.

Together, we're running a series of live webinars to enable place stakeholders to understand and evaluate their High Streets through the sentiment data provided through the Task Force Dashboard and understand how it impacts other KPIs such as footfall.

The webinar will show how data and insights can be extracted from social media to inform evidence-based decision-making.

The next free webinar will be held on Wednesday 2nd June at 3pm. Register now. 

Why sentiment analysis is important

Beyond footfall, there are few reliable metrics with which to assess the vitality and viability of High Streets within towns or city centres.

The advent of social media gave rise to an opportunity to analyse what people said about places by measuring the positive or negative tone of their language in the content they posted.

However, the understanding of how this sentiment is measured and the extent to which sentiment can affect a place’s profile is not broadly established. 

How to use sentiment insight

The insight that sentiment analysis provides can aid local leaders and stakeholders to ascertain how a number of different interventions could impact on how people feel about their place.

This webinar aims to provide its participants with a grounding in the principles of sentiment analysis as well as showing how sentiment data is interpreted in the HSTF dashboards.

This webinar is delivered solely for High Streets Task Force delegates and can be tailored to certain audiences (e.g. to suit a region that may experience a unique situation as compared to the rest of the country).

For free access to the webinar, register now. 

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