Why now is the time to respond to increasing conversation levels

With the entire world social distancing in one form or another, it goes without saying that digital communication is supporting the very real need for connection. 

Social media usage has increased for personal use alongside the use of digital and video conferencing and networking solutions for professional use. 

Maybe* has observed that across the UK the activity of businesses on social media has decreased as they prioritise essential communication over marketing activity.

Stay connected by engaging in conversations

During these times, it is now more important than ever to stay connected by engaging in conversations. Ensuring communications are relevant, sensitive and provide useful information may decrease the amount you think you can and should say. 

Public and personal consumption of social media has gone up evidenced by Twitter users growing and Facebook experiencing unprecedented levels of use. Now is the time to engage in these growing connections to help, support and maintain your brand presence.

Collaboration above competition

Collaboration above competition at the moment is imperative. Connect to other businesses, organisations and individuals via social media to work as a team to survive and grow together.

Listen to the relevant social media conversations about your brand, your town and place, and the current crisis impacting everyone. Listen to charities, local BIDS, other businesses and people in your place or industry.

Maybe* provides a social media engagement solution that helps you listen to topical conversations and manage your own social media communications and engagement.

Identify, group, prioritise and engage with the voices, conversations and social media users most important to you and your business. Join webinars and access remote support for businesses of all sizes through our extensive training tools.

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