Why Maybe* for crowdfunders

Social media channels are packed with potential supporters for your Crowdfunder campaign. Maybe* will help you find these supporters across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, enable you to engage with them and encourage them to spread your campaign so that your message reaches as many people as possible. The more people supporting your campaign, the more funds you can raise. 

Maybe* is a social media engagement platform packed with tools that will enable you to amplify your fundraising by helping you engage with your supporters effectively, understand your supporters better, reach your target audience and to communicate your messages simply. 

As a crowdfunder you can use Maybe* to identify conversations you should be participating in, prioritise engaging with feedback and connecting with organisations, individuals and supporters who can provide vital funds and support.

How can Maybe* help

Through Maybe* you can quickly see what content is driving supporters, what messages are resonating with them, which ads are driving support to your campaign and you can also upload your crowdfunding data to spot the social media activity that is having the most impact on your campaign. 

Maybe* gives visibility on social media conversations, behaviour and influencers on topics and causes, all in one place from a mobile app or desktop interface.

Maybe* enables crowdfunders to efficiently and affordably:

  • Amplify your campaign to your supporters
  • Engage with the right social media conversations at the right time
  • Monitor topics and themes impacting your campaign
  • Respond to incoming communication
  • Understand how social media impacts cause sentiment
  • Manage advertising messaging, spend and time invested on social media activity

Crowdfunding campaign inspiration

The Gloucestershire Bike Project is crowdfunding to provide free bikes to Gloucestershire’s NHS and keyworkers to get to work safely amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Crowdfunders can be set up at a local level. In Brighton local journalists have got behind drives to support for local charities and groups. Plymouth Argyle FC is tapping into its loyal footie following, The Green Army, and crowdfunding for local support among club fans.

How Crowdfunder is using Maybe*

Crowdfunder uses social listening to monitor and track the #payitforward hashtag. Listening to this conversation helps them identify and engage with businesses and individuals who need help or who are showing a willingness to provide help so they can signpost them to the relevant resources.

The #payitforward conversation in the UK has seen 348 posts in less than two weeks with over 5500 engagements on those posts. Using the #payitforward hashtag in its own content and engaging in this conversation helps Crowdfunder raise awareness of the campaign, reshare relevant content to its own audience and further inform the kind of content it should be producing.

The Maybe* See what works report showing the social media activity and engagement about #payitforward

Maybe* provides a social media engagement solution that helps you listen to topical conversations and manage your own social media communications and engagement and learn from others.

The Maybe* engagement tool allows you to identify, group, prioritise and engage with the voices, conversations and social media users most important to you and your crowdfunder campaign. We also provide webinar and remote support for businesses of all sizes through our extensive training tools.

Maybe* is providing free business resources and webinars to support you during this time. Check out our COVID-19  help centre for tips on staying connected via social media, and managing your business remotely. Sign up to Maybe* and stay connected to your customers on social media. 

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