Why are Facebook Messenger contacts so valuable?

Why are Facebook Messenger contacts so valuable?

Facebook Messenger contacts are valuable because through chatbots, all contacts can be fully GDPR opted-in. This means each person can be contacted again and again via Faceboook Messenger.

Response rates for Facebook Messenger are extremely high, outperforming all other types of direct marketing. Through chatbots organisations can have one-on-one, personal conversations with their audience, executed at scale. 

In addition, this channel can be used for multiple functions. Organisations can ask their audience to follow them on social media, for email addresses, to make donations, buy products, or answer detailed questions. 

All insights gathered from chatbots can be uniquely integrated with the Maybe* platform so they can be actioned and shared on social media, where appropriate. 

How Maybe* uses chatbots to gather insights

When creating posts for our clients, we use listening insights from the Maybe* platform to inform both the content and the targeting of the post. This ensures we get great responses for each piece of content created.

When a user adds a comment to the post or when they tap the button, a Facebook Messenger chatbot is launched.

These are recent examples of our clients using a chatbot to deliver results and increase engagement through Facebook. All of the results can be seen and tracked through the Maybe* platform.

To experience the chatbots attached to each post below comment on the Facebook post or scan the QR code at the end of this post.

This Facebook post has collected:

  • 189 opted in Messenger sign-ups 
  • 85 email addresses
  • 89 Instagram followers

This Facebook post has collected:

  • 728 opted in Messenger sign-ups 
  • 141 Instagram followers

This Facebook post has collected:

  • 72 opted in Messenger sign-ups 
  • 33 email addresses 
  • 16 Instagram followers

Scan the QR code with your iPhone camera or Android app to see how the chatbots work in an offline environment.

Or you can simulate the online experience from Facebook here.

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