Which UK retailers are winning on social media?

Business Insider recently reported that brands with a strong social media presence will win Gen-Z's loyalty for life. Meanwhile, we've been discussing how fast fashion UK retailer Pretty Little Thing landed the best post in terms of engagement during May and June by appealing to the same Gen Z audience. But which of the UK's retailers are leading in the social media engagement stakes, and what is it that these brands get right that earns and retains them customers' attention and spend?

Organisation Followers Posts on social channels Engagements on posts Avg posts per day Avg engagement on each post Avg engagements per day.  Best performing posts
Victoria's Secret 109.3M 64 2.2M 3.76 35135.88 132276.24 View
PrettyLittleThing 15M 273 2M 16.06 7292.64 117111.24 View
CHANEL 62.4M 96 1.7M 5.65 17906.72 101120.29 View
H&M 73.4M 20 836.2K 1.18 41808.15 49186.06 View
Gymshark UK 6.6M 71 745.4K 4.18 10498.07 43844.88 View
Zara 69.3M 15 566.1K 0.88 37736.67 33297.06 View
Mango 12.2M 312 477.8K 18.35 1531.52 28107.94 View
Pandora 24.1M 290 399K 17.06 1375.81 23469.76 View
Swarovski UK 13M 59 256.6K 3.47 4348.47 15091.76 View
Primark 14.8M 0.9K 232.8K 53.24 257.25 13694.71 View

Lingerie leads lockdown engagement

Victoria’s Secret has come under fire over the last year for their lack of diversity and inclusion across race and body type. But nonetheless with their global presence, celebrity models and collaborations, the brand leads lockdown engagement for all retailers.

Their best performing post was prettily styled, featured new product and showcased a new designer partnership with For Love and Lemons.

But, it remains to be seen whether customer loyalty will stay with the brand beyond social media engagement and translate into sales.


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Victoria’s Secret Lingerie leads lockdown engagement

Ladies first

With the exception of Gymshark, Primark and H&M, all the other UK retailers are womenswear brands or jewellers.

Their most popular posts feature summer products. swimwear, sunset colours, and show sunkissed skin. An interesting approach given the global interruptions to holiday plans, but one that suggests the nation's willingness to return to the beach is enough to drive some serious engagement.


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Social justice matters

Chanel, Primark and Pandora all stood in solidarity with Black Out Tuesday, blacking out their social feeds on June 2. All three of these brands provide real and authentic insight into what they are doing internally to drive change and welcome uncomfortable feedback. Posting about social causes must be about more than gaining likes. Open up to necessary and difficult conversations, be prepared to listen, make commitments and take action.


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How to identify your own best performing post

If you want to see your own best performing posts and those of others in your industry, you can use the Maybe* Report Builder. Add in the posts of anyone else you’ve compared yourself to or are listening to and identify patterns and similarities. By spotting what the best posts have in common, you can learn from this approach and from your customers yourself.


Adding retail conversations to the Maybe* Report Builder

Key takeaway

Earning social media engagement for retailers has to resonate with wider lifestyle interests and passion points. While some lifestyle trends may be lighthearted, and even whimsical, these passion points will not always be comfortable, nor should they be. Now is not the time to shy away from them. Learn from your customers’ feedback, learn and do better for more people.

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