Which of the UK’s councils is winning on social media?

Maybe* recently profiled Doncaster Council’s refreshingly entertaining approach to social media, they're doing a fab job, but it’s not always easy to create show-stopping content when you’re following strict content guidelines. That being said, if councils want to see increased engagement and improved sentiment then they need to apply a human approach. To help councils use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with residents more effectively, we’ve rounded up the top 10 UK councils based on their social media performance to see which is giving their channels their all, and show what you can learn from social media with just a little insight. Hundred of the UK’s BIDs are already onboard the social media train.

Organisation Follow-ers Posts  Engage-ments  Avg posts per day Avg engage-ment per post Avg engage-ments per day Best posts
Ashfield District 14K 136 10.4K 2.62 76.21 199.31 View
Armagh City Council  29.6K 260 9.2K 5.00 35.25 176.27 View
Argyll and Bute 19.8K 311 7.8K 5.98 25.14 150.35 View
Isle of Anglesey County 18.7K 520 7.3K 10.00 13.98 139.75 View
Ashford Borough 16.4K 290 6.4K 5.58 21.96 122.44 View
Adur & Worthing Council 18.6K 474 6.2K 9.12 12.97 118.27 View
Amber Valley Borough 7.4K 163 2.5K 3.13 15.50 48.60 View
Babergh District 9.8K 190 801 3.65 4.22 15.40 View
Aylesbury Vale District 13.3K 4 19 0.08 4.75 0.37 View
Wycombe District 10.3K 1 1 0.02 1.00 0.02 View

Crime updates keep local residents informed

Ashfield District Council came out top in our top 10 list of councils’ based upon their social media performance The council posted 136 times and on average earned 199 engagements per day. The council uses social media to keep the community up to date with local goings on, both good and bad. A local crime update was the council’s best performing post for the period. And while it may not be the best of news, it demonstrates the importance that law and order has to local residents.

The best performing post was factual, directional and informative. *Top tip - when sharing uncomfortable news, councils should keep their posts to the point and demonstrate that they are taking or are planning to take clear action to remedy concerns and crime.

Law and order leads Ashfield District in the engagement stakes

Finding your own best performing post

To find your own best performing post, use the Maybe* Report Builder tool. Our report builder is packed full of insights. If you want to see your results quickly and concisely, the report builder comprises all your social media metrics and your key business data all in one place.

To find the best performing post you just need to select your date range and add the best performing post filter from the left hand menu. You can also add other Maybe* insights such as a See what works report so you can see how much you’ve posted and on what days the spikes in engagement occur. 

The Maybe* Report Builder

How to use the Maybe* report builder to find your best performing post

What do Councils’ best performing posts have in common?

Second in our top 10 was Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council. Similarly this was also a public order update explaining the accessibility of public walkways during lockdown. Again, clear, concise information proved to be the most engaging tactic.

How to replicate this technique

If you want to see what councils’ best performing posts all have in common, you can use the Maybe* report builder to add in the posts of anyone else you’ve compared yourself to or are listening to and identify patterns and similarities. By spotting what the best posts have in common, you can mimic this approach for yourself.

As we recently highlighted Doncaster Council does a great job of injecting some humour into their content.

Adding conversations to the Maybe* Report Builder

Key takeaway

Councils have an important job to do keeping residents informed. Taking action of keeping the community safe, clean and crime free works well for councils to engage the community. While it may not always be positive news, demonstrate you are aware of issues, and clearly communicate the solution you are implementing for an engagement win.

Now more than ever you should support local businesses and content demonstrating this should be woven into your content strategy.

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