Using the Maybe* Report Builder

Reporting on social media has always been a bit of a minefield. If, like many, you’re constantly wondering how your social media content is stacking up then the Maybe* Report Builder is your new best friend.

With all of the time, effort and resource you put into your digital activity, it's important that you can quickly identify which of your posts is delivering the most engagement or which of your ads is driving the most click throughs. Basically, what works and what doesn't.  If you're thinking, "that sounds great, but I don't have the time to find this stuff", then you're wrong. The Maybe* Report builder lets you gather all of this insight and more in just 60 seconds. 

Let’s take a look...

What can the Maybe* Report Builder tell you

The Maybe* Report Builder puts all the data you would ever need to report on in one place. From this page you can create custom reports, clone reports you want to run regularly and choose what metrics you want to include. There’s also a handy editable notes section allowing you to summarise performance, learnings and recommendations.

We use it at Maybe* every week to report on our own successes, learnings and where we need to improve.

So, let’s start with your social metrics. First up the basics - the Maybe* Report Builder allows you to monitor your individual platform growth, and your individual and combined engagement and reach across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can attach your Facebook Ad Manager and see what you’ve been spending and when.

Exploring the Maybe* Report builder

To this you can add the reports which represent the sentiment of the conversation people are having about you, see the most frequent content terms used about you, and identify who’s been the most influential in the conversation about you. The Maybe* Report Builder enables you to overlay your social media metrics with your key business data so you can calculate the impact your online activity has on your overall business results. That means you can add any metric you like for example, sales, bookings, footfall, car parking ... or anything else for that matter.

The Maybe* Report builder in action

For Maybe* Tech we can see that the Report Builder is showing that we are the most influential voices in the conversation about us. You can see we have the biggest voice, foghorns that we are, and that other local authorities, BIDs and placemakers have also had something to say about us.

The sentiment graph on the left shows us that the conversation is largely positive. Phew!

Exploring Maybe* Tech’s data

You can also use the Maybe* Report Builder to discover the best performing posts by you, and those of your competitors. Discover what this looks like with one of our examples for the UK’s BIDs.

How to use the Maybe* Report builder to find your best performing post

Key takeaway

Collating social performance metrics can often be time-consuming. It will most likely involve pulling multiple sets of data from different sources, and heavens forbid, calculating something manually. This all makes the Maybe* teams’ heads hurt.

Maybe* is on a mission to qualify social media results and the impact they have on wider business KPIs. If like most, you’re chasing that elusive answer to the question “so what?” Maybe* exists to help you find it. 

Maybe* is a collaborative social media management platform that provides engagement tools,  actionable insights, reports and access to training that enables organisations to make social media work for them.

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