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Maybe* has been helping independent retailers craft their social media strategy with content that showcases what great social media engagement looks like. But beyond creating great content, using social media analytics can help you keep an eye on emerging trends which you can use to inform your product buys and marketing campaigns.

While your customers are likely currently caught up with Christmas, we know that you’re already looking further ahead to 2020. So we’ve listened to the conversation about growing your own. From plants to produce, we’re springing forward a few months to see what customer needs and wants might come to bear fruit.

Looking at the details

#GrowYourOwn Posts

There were 18,724 conversations featuring the hashtag #growyourown in October alone. And 94% of those conversations took place on Instagram. If you’re not instagramming your garden now would be a great time to start. Find out how.

Where should you be sowing your seeds?

If you want to reach customers in the spring and be inspired by what they’re up to, what they’re planting and what they’re focusing their green-fingered efforts on - Instagram should be your first port of call.

It may come as no surprise that for today’s garden loversthe spoils are not just in the beauty of a well-tended lawn, but also in overall wellness. 10% of conversations featured #microgreens. Colourful and bang on the health conscious trend, from sprouts to seeds, this nutrient-rich, flavoursome fare will be shooting up everywhere.

The early bird catches the worm

Spring planting and spring florals are on the minds of garden enthusiasts. Whether it’s turning over soil, cleaning up the garden, planting bulbs or ordering ahead- over 600 of the 18,724 featured ‘spring’. You should rise with the larks and get in on the action to encourage conversation and ensure  that you’re front of mind for all things from the decorative, daffodils, and delicious.


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The garlic is finally in the ground…whew. My mantra for the past three weeks has been “Plant the Garlic!”, and although it doesn’t take much time to do, I just never scrambled together enough minutes to do it. So this morning, in 25ºF temps, I bundled up in a whole lot of woolies and planted that garlic. I had to scrape off the top inch of soil in the bed because it was frozen solid, but it’s all good, again the garlic is in🙌 Last year, I didn’t get my garlic in the ground until November 11th, the next day, it began to snow. The rest of the morning has been spent digging up dahlia tubers, ripping up the remaining annuals, and taking down the rest of the vines and sunflowers. The garden is looking pretty naked, and it’s taken me forever and a half to clean it up, but it’s at the exciting point when you know that the prep you put in now, will give you a jump start on spring planting. So, with every pull and yank of a plant out of the beds, I’m already dreaming of what may be growing there next year. And remember, the beauty of a dream is that everything is possible🤩. Happy November everyone🧡 . . . . . #inmygardentoday #mainegarden #growyourown #gardeninglife #organicgardening #veggiepatch #gardenersofinstagram #allotmentlife #autumngarden #vegetablegarden #kitchengarden #ediblegarden #homegarden #backyardgarden #gardentotable #herbgarden #gardenlovers #countrygarden #garliclovers

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Absolutely love these arch trellises by @growing.in.the.garden ❤🌿 Have you guys built your own garden trellis before? 😊 . . . 🔸️Garden Poem of the Day🔸️ . "The Gifts of the Earth" By Charles William Butler The gifts of earth, in summer, Are mild, reviving showers — The sunbeam and the shadow, Its ever beaming flowers; The rainbow's tinted gleaming, The songs of bird and rill, The evening stars' glad beaming, When all is hushed and still. The gifts of earth, in autumn, Are fruits of labor bold; The faithful sower reaps In harvest time his gold. It twines the wreath of gladness Around that son of earth, As he turns from care and sadness, To his joyous household hearth! . The gifts of earth, in winter, Are blessed gifts to man, The trophies of his labor, That he the past may scan, And view in memory's mirror Each joy and grief passed by, And read the heavenly favor In sunbeams on life's sky. The gifts of earth, in spring time, Are sparkling river streams, And gently opening flowers, In the sun's restoring beams. They come and go like shadows Athwart each sunny ray, And as the shower's bright rainbow, They beam to pass away. One season is unfading The spring time of the mind; It hath no final shading, But lasting gifts refined. The gems of thought shall ever Increasing beauty wear, To cheer man's path to Heaven, And crown with glory there. . ______________________________________________________________ . Want to be featured on our page? Use #thehappygardeninglife in your posts! 🌱 . . . . . #happygardening #happygardener #happygardeners #gardening #garden #gardener #organicgardening #urbangardening #greenthumb #growforit #growyourown #growyourownfood #homegrown #homestead #urbangarden #trellis #archtrellises #gardenarches #gardentrellis #climbingplants #poems #gardenpoems #poemoftheday

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Cream of the crop

It’s not too soon to be looking ahead...your customers already are. To get ahead of spring 2020s grow your own trend focus on nutrition, wellness, tidying products and spring decor. Instagram makes for fertile soil to start planting your own inspiration or gleaning it.

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