Sara Da Silva sells out their latest launch in under 24 hours

Sara Da Silva, a Brazilian brand of fitness apparel, wanted to launch a new pair of leggings in an already crowded marketplace. Convinced they had a market disrupting product, they approached Maybe* to help create and launch a new design of leggings.

Using social listening to inform targeting and an interactive chatbot to gather both size and colour preference, in less than 24 hours after launch, Sara Da Silva totally sold out.

On the day of the launch, they saw:

  • Increase in sales of over 600%
  • Increase in website traffic of over 200% on launch day
  • Total sell out of their latest product on launch day, with the most popular sizes gone in 15 hours

"We sold out in 15 hours. I don’t know a lot of businesses that can do that."

Sara Da Silva, Owner

Try it for yourself. Click on the Facebook post, check out the results, and add a comment to trigger the chatbot.

“Selling out a product is exciting for any brand, especially for a new business launching in a very competitive marketplace.


By engaging their audience not only did Sara Da Silva create a group of people who were excited to buy, but they were able to create a product people felt invested in and order the right amount of stock to ensure happy customers.


It doesn’t matter if it’s leggings, shoes, or ladders, the Maybe* platform makes this same process available to any business.”


Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO and Founder, Maybe*

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