Engage on social media or risk losing 27% of your customers

What value should you put on engagement? Well, according to a recent Maybe* research study - a whole lot! 

We recently used a Facebook chatbot to survey consumers in the South West, asking them how a brand’s engagement on social media impacts their purchasing decisions and sentiment towards them. 

The results are staggering and a stark warning for organisations who currently don’t appreciate the direct impact their social engagement can have on their sales, both online and instore. 

If a brand engages with you does it impact the likelihood of you purchasing from them?

Our research found that businesses in the South West are in danger of losing more than a quarter of their customers if they fail to engage with them on social media channels. 

27% of people stated that a brand engaging with them or not ‘definitely’ impacted their decision to purchase from that business while 68% of people said it ‘possibly’ would. 

The survey also highlighted that the purchasing habits of 100% of consumers in the region were impacted by whether or not a business or brand engaged with them. 

Maybe* Regional Reports - South West

When you engage with a brand on social media how quickly do you expect a response?

With 92% of South West consumers engaging with branded content on social media, and 37% engaging multiple times per week, organisations need to speed up their response times as consumers’ expectations continue to rise. When engaged with on social media, 18% of South West consumers expect businesses to respond within an hour, 49% expect them to respond within four hours and 62% expect them to respond within 24 hours. 

Our research also found that 77% of South West customers share good and bad brand social media experiences with their friends and family and that 68% of them feel that engagement from a brand ‘definitely’ impacts their likelihood to re-engage with the business. 

Maybe* Regional Reports - South West

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