Support for small businesses: Maybe* partners with Crowdfunder “Pay it Forward”.

In light of the sharp downturn in income felt by small businesses across the UK due to COVID-19, Crowdfunder are providing the tech and tools to enable small businesses to pre-sell their services now on a promise to their customers that they can redeem them later. 

The aim is to support as many of the 5.9 million small businesses across the UK as possible. The Pay it Forward campaign provides access to 100% free fundraising for your small business along with support, the tech and tools plus access to a free Maybe* account. 

You can use your Crowdfunder to pre-sell meals, events, hotel bookings etc. for cash now on a promise people can redeem the services at a later date.

This means you can collect bookings / sales now and contributors can look forward to future activities while also supporting their favourite small businesses to stay afloat.

Crowdfunder will cover all platform and transaction fees and offer free training to help with online sales, cashflow support and legal support. 

How it works

Get started today

Though some businesses are able to diversify, switching from restaurant offering to takeaway for example, many are not able to be so agile and without support, may struggle to make it through. The Pay It Forward campaign gives businesses access to Crowdfunder technology but at zero cost. 

Rob Love, Founder and CEO, Crowdfunder, 

“This is a really difficult time for everyone and there are lots of different things people are worried about including their jobs. One thing people can do if they can afford it, is support local businesses. Through Pay it Forward, we are committed to throwing Crowdfunder’s resources behind keeping business alive through this crisis.”

Follow the Crowdfunder Get Started Guide  and  sign up to start fundraising, it's free. (You can create your page in stages... so why not start today?)

To support the Pay it Forward campaign, Maybe* is providing all organisations using Crowdfunder with free access to our easy to use social media engagement tools and support to help you accelerate your Crowdfunder campaign.