Is Instagram the right place for non-ecommerce stores?

Back in April 2019, Primark opened its biggest store in the world in Birmingham. Bucking the trend of High Street closures, alongside B&M Bargains, Primark has managed to achieve growing footfall and profits without an eCommerce site.

Both brands utilise a great social media strategy to engage their customers with product and offerings. Maybe* listened to the online conversation created by and about Primark and B&M Bargains through August 2019. 

In the second part of our three-part blog series, we explore how the brands are getting visual with Instagram and who’s doing it best.

Looking at the detail

Inspire with Instagram

In our first post in the series, we looked at the amount of content posted and the amount of engagement. Primark achieved an average of 588.2K social media engagements on their 1.9K posts through August 2019. Meanwhile, B&M achieved 114.8K engagements on their 438 posts.

Primark’s top-performing posts in August all came from Instagram. Ever appealing to a fast fashion-conscious customer, Instagram is the right platform for them as our social media analytics show.

Contests are not necessarily winning content

B&M see more engagement in their top-performing posts coming from Facebook. 2 of the top 3 posts came from the social network, while only 1 came from Instagram.

B&M’s top-performing post was a Facebook contest to win vouchers, while Primark’s best post was product-focused. As B&M’s top-performing post was a contest, it naturally appealed to their spend-savvy customer. But, Primark enjoys five times the amount of engagement on their top-performing post with over 100,000 engagements.

What Primark is saying

What B&M is saying

The Maybe* ‘See what works’ report highlighting engagement with Primark and B&M's social media content. See the engagement for your own content.

The key takeway

Though contests are a great social media engagement tactic, sharing inspiring content on Instagram means that Primark is able to enjoy the benefit of ‘true’ likes and comments rather than simply attracting competition entrants. Ensure your social media strategy includes a mix of inspiration and incentives.

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