How Qoozie’s increased their sales thanks to a Facebook campaign

Comparing Facebook posts and campaigns exactly one month apart, Qoozies, a healthy cafe in Chesterfield selling smoothies and light bites, saw an incredible boost in their sales and in their Facebook engagement; from 66 engagements (likes, comments, and shares) to 1,177 (an increase of 1,739%) in just a few days.

"Since working with Maybe* we’ve sold more milkshakes than ever before during the same time period. It’s exciting to see our social media efforts turn into footfall and sales."

Mario, Owner

How they did it

Using insights from the Maybe* platform, the Qoozie’s post was able to be better targeted through Facebook advertising, appealing to local people’s interests to help drive footfall.

The content of the post was also influenced by the language people were using in their posts on social media to talk about Qoozies. Words like “mum” “food” and “treat” helped create and target a post that spoke to people’s interest in sharing food and treats together.

By asking people to comment on who they would share a Qoozie’s meal with, 671 detailed comments were gathered in 48 hours.

Qoozie’s What’s being said report that helped to inform the contest creative and targeting. What is your audience saying?

From their comment, a Messenger chatbot asked people for more information and to subscribe to Qoozie’s Messenger community. The key to a Messenger community is that it is a highly responsive audience who can be contacted again and again. To experience the chatbot for yourself, comment on the post below.

The results

Qoozie’s have reported over 250 in-store sales and 560 people joined the Qoozie Messenger community (an 84%) conversion rate, and 266 of those people also shared their email address (a 48% conversion rate).

In the days after the campaign, their Social Media Rank in Chesterfield rose 10 places, putting them at 4th for Social Media Rank in Chesterfield.

Qoozie’s rank as shown in the days following the campaign. Find out your Social Media Rank.

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