How Primark is increasing customer engagement with its doors closed

On March 23, 2020 Primark's doors closed. With no online store, it's monthly sales went from £650million to a big fat zero.  Despite this inability to shift sales online, Primark has continued to connect and serve its audience through its social media accounts. The brand has maintained its usual levels of posting and engagement and improved brand sentiment even though customers are clearly disappointed not to be able to shop with them.

The facts and figures of Primark's social media activity

From March 1 - April 26 2020 Primark posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 464 times and amassed 859,000 engagements. The business did not post anything on March 17. This follows suit with many other businesses that also began to close or pause non-essential communications the week that lockdown measures were expected to be mandated.

Since closing its doors,  Primark continued to share updates with customers, be supportive and very present. From beauty tips and advice, home decor ideas to self-care regimes, the brand has kept its finger on the social media pulse of its customers.

The Maybe* See what works report showing the social media activity by Primark and the engagement on it during March and April 2020. 

No ill-feeling for social media, it's business as usual

Primark has seen no negative impact on the sentiment about their brand. Positivity levels have remained consistent, and there is a slight decline in negativity. The business has not received negative feedback about the continuance of its posting strategy. Rather than being deemed insensitive or non-essential, the brand has continued to post in its usual manner.

Customers still enjoy engaging with the brand. By changing the theme of its content yet retaining its usual voice and activity levels, the level of Primark's positive sentiment has remained consistent and customers clearly can not wait to start spending with them again soon.

The Maybe* How they feel report showing the sentiment of social media conversations about Primark during March and April 2020. 


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Beauty and self care leads in the content stakes

With more customers at home, the brand has seen the majority of conversation about it occur within the beauty category. Beauty aficionados continue to use products for tutorials, social sharing or simply to spend time while isolating at home. Primark has responded to this by sharing makeup looks and nail art inspiration from beauty bloggers, influencers and customers alike.

The Maybe* conversation report showing the themes and topics of conversation used about Primark on social media during March and April 2020. 


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Key takeaway

At a time of increased consumer activity and attention, many businesses have responded to the lockdown by decreasing the amount of connection to their customers. But Primark has taken a different approach and ensured that not only is it still engaging customers, but it has excited the shopper to return to them as soon as they're able. By inspiring and entertaining its customers at home, the brand has remained front of mind and will likely reap the benefits when its doors reopen.

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