COVID-19: Seven feel-good stories in a time of crisis

Though COVID-19 has caused chaos and uncertainty, from it has emerged kindness and positivity from all corners of the globe. So, to balance out the gloom we’ve collated some of our favourite examples of how people and organisations are rallying to support each other. 

Love thy neigbour

First up, a woman in Falmouth created THE postcard template to help out her neighbours that you will likely have seen doing the rounds on social media. Becky Wass, the woman behind the postcard, said ‘Because fear has spread so quickly, it’s really important to try to spread kindness’, which is a sentiment we can all get behind.

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Most romantic spot in England: Iceland.

Where Iceland began, other stores followed. A Belfast branch of Iceland instigated ‘elderly opening hours’ for their store. Many other Iceland branches followed suit, closely followed by other supermarket chains who have introduced special opening hours solely for NHS workers. 

Iceland is perhaps an unexpectedly romantic spot: in Kent a man proposed to his partner in an Iceland store after their trip to Iceland (the country) was cancelled (She said yes!).

Big businesses supporting smaller businesses

In a bid to keep their smaller suppliers afloat, Morrisons has confirmed it will pay them immediately, rather than on delivery. Similarly, the delivery firm Hermes has confirmed it will pay their self-employed couriers if they are told to self-isolate.

In Manchester, hospitality leaders have come together to launch a ‘Pay It Forward’ voucher initiative, encouraging City residents to buy vouchers for participating bars and restaurants, which will be redeemable once the COVID-19 crisis has ended. 

Supporting our NHS

In Gloucestershire there are plenty of businesses doing their best to support front-line workers. Colleges are offering free parking to NHS staff and hotels are offering free stays to hospital workers who need to self-isolate. 

Waitrose have put daily essentials aside reserved for NHS workers who will also have priorty at the checkout. Coffee shop, Pret, is offering 50% off for our front-line workers.

Around the world, residents have come together to stand out on their blaconies, open their windows and perform a daily applause for hospital staff to say thank-you.

Music to our ears

Italy may be in full lockdown, but this hasn’t prevented some Italians from raising their neighbours’ spirits through music and song.

For the musically minded among you, this is the teenage boy behind the ‘Wash Your Lyrics’ site, which allows you to input a song and an artist, and then generate a step by step poster for handwashing, using the song lyrics for each step. 

In Derbyshire, The Tinderbox Singing Club is hosting regular singing Facebook lives, for everyone to join in with and unleash their inner pop star.


If you are now one of the many parents across the country now homeschooling your children, do not panic! The teaching website, Twinkl is offering free resources to help parents out  with lessons, available for primary and secondary age kids.

Printmaking legend Eleanor Bowmer has a free downloadable colouring pack available on her site to keep small hands and minds busy. On the brilliant Paper Joy website there is a host of free printables for big and small.

The modern Mr Motivator himself, Joe Wicks has appointed himself the PE teacher to the nation and is running daily 30-minute classes for kids (and grown ups too) on his YouTube channel. Tag in on social using #PEwithJOE.

Earth heals itself

One unexpected positive from the COVID-19 outbreak has been environmental. In Venice, the waters are turning clear and dolphins have been spotted navigating their way through the canals. In China, they have noted a distinct drop in CO2 emissions, something experts are expecting to see globally as self-isolation takes hold.

This is certainly a challenging time, and while we don’t know what the future holds,it has never been more important to use the resources available to us to connect with those we can not touch. Stay safe and healthy.

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