Social media roadshow: Who has the best social content in Sunderland?

This week’s virtual tour of the UK's best in social media takes us to the North East and Sunderland.  We’ve used our shiny new map tech (we're just polishing it up ready for release) to find the best of Sunderland's social media posts. Sound good? Why aye?!

Studio B’s takes it live

A visit to the Studio B’ website informs us that this boutique is something of a hidden gem in the North East. But it's Studio B’s approach to social media that really is the jewel in the crown.
The best performing post was a Facebook Live video showing how to wear the product and providing an update on incoming new lines.

The owner interacts with anyone watching live, talks through new products, and her personality shines through with real authenticity. She talks through product sizes, thus demonstrating how inclusive her store is, and the video is bags of fun. No special lighting, no professional video editing or studio time required, just one woman in her store or in her home,  gassing away to her customers. It's social gold.

A tad alarmingly, Sunderland sees less than 15% of its businesses active on social media on a daily basis through June. Which is a real shame, as they're missing out on the massive opportunity to engage with existing and new customers. Learning from the best in the area like Studio B will help other local businesses connect with customers.

Maybe* Place insights showing the number of Sunderland’s local businesses active on social media every day throughout June 2020

How to replicate this technique

We get it, video is scary but you have to just dive right in. Don’t worry about it looking perfectly polished or well lit. Just be yourself.

Whether you’re a food retailer, hardware or fashion, show yourself using the product, tasting the product and wearing the product.

The great thing about Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories is they can disappear when you want them to, or you can choose to keep them around. We’ve all become dab hands at Facetime, Zooming and video calling over the last few months, just see  video content as an extension of that. A bit of cheekiness, playfulness and passion for what you do will not hurt anyone and will go a long way. So get ready for your close up and embrace it.

To learn from your fellow local indies, start by benchmarking your local place, and pick the social media brains of other businesses in your area.

Benchmark and improve your social media performance

Key takeaway

Knowing your best performing post helps you identify what your audience will respond to best. Whatever place you are in, you can learn from other national or local businesses in your area.

Video is a great way to connect with customers face to face, especially while everyone’s still a bit nervous about trying things on and visiting a store. Video allows you to give a bit more of yourself and your product so that customers have more reasons to want to spend with you. So go on and give us a twirl.

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