2,774 people pre-register for The Botanist launch months before it opens

The Brewery Quarter, an entertainment destination in Cheltenham, was excited to launch a new venue, The Botanist. However, they needed to create a building sense of excitement and buzz, positioning The Botanist as the new place to be seen in town, even before it opened.

Using the Maybe* platform, The Brewery Quarter:

  • Wrote and targeted a Facebook post that built up anticipation for the launch and created a buzzing conversation online.
  • When people commented on the post a bespoke chatbot was launched in Messenger.
  • The post gathered 2,774 comments from people telling us who they would bring with them to the location.
  • With 959 reactions and 501 shares, the post smashed its targets.
  • This audience of people is now being communicated with regularly in the lead up to the launch, ensuring a successful opening.

Sentiment graph example

To see the results and to experience the chatbot for yourself, visit the Facebook post and add a comment.

The chatbot that was launched also asked people for their email addresses and nearly 1,000 were collected.

“We can’t believe the impact this has had - The Botanist has a head-start before opening by using the Maybe* platform to spread awareness - they are quite literally the talk of the town.”

- Demelsa Coleman, Marketing Manager, The Brewery


“Launching a new bar in an already saturated market is a challenge for many leisure destinations. The Maybe* platform allows businesses to build an audience that is excited to visit, even before opening day. By building the right community though conversation, businesses are able to target customers with the right message at the right time.”

- Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO, Maybe*