Vicar Lane gathers over 100,000 insights from their visitors

Vicar Lane Shopping Centre is ALTERX’s flagship UK retail concept. At its core, the centre seeks to better understand and ultimately redefine the role of retail in the context of a modern town centre dynamic, using market-leading technology.



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What were the results?

Working with the Maybe* platform, ALTERX has begun to own and understand the local digital conversation. By listening to the social media conversation in and around Chesterfield the Vicar Lane team is able to better engage with the local audience efficiently through both social media and chat channels. This enables the team to learn what works faster and provides a channel through which to proactively reach their audience to invite them back into Vicar Lane for store openings and events.

"The outcomes from our social insights from Maybe* have enabled us to define our development program based on known social need. This is defining our regeneration programme."

- David Goldstein, Alterx – The Real Partners

Maybe* is a social media management platform that helps organisations make social media work better for them. We provide easy to use engagement tools, smart insights and reports that rock.

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