Social media tips for success from The Palace Theatre – a vibrant local theatre in Paignton

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The Palace Theatre in Paignton has kept itself going through lockdown using social media. Be inspired from their example and read on.

Social media tips from Paignton Palace Theatre

Q. When did the business get started on social media?

The Paignton Palace Theatre is owned by Torbay Council but run by the powerhouse team at Jazz Hands - a community interest company. Maureen and her team have been running the theatre for two years and put on some incredible productions for the locals of Paignton however, like all other venues around the UK, had to close and cancel all shows during the pandemic.

They have kept going though the pandemic and have delighted their customers through fun on social media, lighting and decorating the windows over Christmas and doing wreath making masterclasses. The Palace Theatre is so much more to the local community than just a venue.

Q. What is the biggest benefit you see from your social media presence?

Paignton's Palace Theatre has been able to use social media to show people behind the scenes while they have been closed. They've also used social media to keep people up to date with journey of the theatre as a business, the improvements customers can expect, and to fundraise.

Maureen says: “We have done a fair bit of fundraising. We have a Go Fund Me set up and had a lot of support from Sports England. We have been using the theatre for dance schools in between the lockdowns such as ‘finding your feet’ sessions encouraging older people to do dance and movement."

Key takeaway

If you can't show people what's going on front of house or on the main stage through lockdown, you must show people what's happening behind the scenes. The theatre team recommends that if you've been renovating  or improving your premises, you show people. If you need support to keep going, ask for it. People want to support and invest in your business, so give them a reason to.

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