Social media tactics from Emporia Fabric and Craft – an online sewing shop in Ashford

Every week we bring you the top social media tactics and tips to help you drive your strategy forwards. We introduce you to real life businesses and organisations in multiple sectors which are growing using social media, so you can learn from their success and do more of the same.

This week we get crafty with Emporia Fabric and Craft, an online sewing shop in Ashford. Here they share their social media tips with us to weave your way to social media success.

Social media tactics from Emporia Fabric and Craft in Ashford

Q. When did the business get started on social media?

Emporia Fabric & Craft from Ashford is an online sewing shop selling a range of fabulous fabrics and their very own independently designed dress making patterns. From super simple beginners to more complicated improver patterns, they cater for the contemporary sewer who wants to make their own wardrobe.

Clair is the designer and Charlotte is the marketing guru and together this dynamic duo help crafty people all across the UK create their own unique looks with some serious style.

Emporia uses social media to connect with crafting influencers and has reached brand new audiences over the last year.

Q. What is the biggest benefit you see from your social media presence?

The Emporia team uses social media to showcase them trying on all of the items they have created from their patterns. Social media helps them create demonstration videos and tutorials to show the cut of the finished product for people who may want to buy but would rather see how it all looks in advance. The business has also been able to connect to influencers in the crafting and sewing space which has helped them reach whole new audiences.

“We are lucky. We are one of the industries that have really benefited from lockdown. Lots of crafters and people have been taking up hobbies therefore for us it was more just shifting what we did online,” says Clair.

Key takeaway

Use social media to connect to influential people in your industry or who your customers might follow. Build relationships with them to reach new audiences. Our top social media tips from Emporia's Fabric are to make sure to invest in video. It helps bring you, your business and your product to life.

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